The Clever Monkey:
3-Part Piggy Bank + Book (Gift Set)

Help your child learn how to spend, share, and save with our 3-part piggy bank and book!

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The Julius Monkey 3 Part Piggy Bank + Book (Gift set)
Julius the clever monkey
Get to know Julius, the Monkey

Learning about money can be fun! Get our 3-Part Piggy Bank and Book now to easily teach your own clever monkey basic money skills.

Our Christmas Gift Set Includes:
Clever monkey piggy banks
One bank with three colorful boxes

to help your child spend, save, and share.

Clever monkey guide
Kid-friendly instructions

on how to use each piggy bank box.

Clever monkey piggy banks open
Sturdy, easy-to-assemble boxes

so your child can store and track their money.

Clever monkey book
Exciting illustrated book about JULIUS

and his money-management jungle adventure.

It's never too early to learn about money management

Let Julius teach your little ones how to wisely allocate money they receive for holidays, chores, etc. Watch the video below for more details.

Uncle Relaxing

Top Reviews

 4.9 from 127 reviews

Joan P.

This is hands down the best thing I have purchased for my grandkids! They love it. They have so many random toys but this is something that I have not seen before. It teaches them how to handle money at an early age and I am thrilled to give them a jump start on that knowledge. I wish something like this existed when I was a kid. Just get me!

Charlene M.

The piggy bank and gift set are even cuter than the photos show. The boxes are very sturdy and well made and my kids had so much fun putting them together and reading through the book. I will highly recommend this to everyone that has kids.

Randy N.

My daughter is 6 and we recently started giving her money every week for doing chores around the house. It's about $10 or so every week. My wife and I wanted to teach her how to save, spend, and share. This seemed liked a really good option. We keep it on her bookshelf and she puts all of her money in the jars. This has done wonders to teach her to be wise with the money we give her.

Beatrice S.

Really cute and educational at the same time. The book is wonderfully written and the 3 part piggy bank is a really good idea. My son has been using the ledger to write down the money he puts in. I would definitely recommend this Julius gift set to anyone.

Lewis P.

I ordered 2 of these for my two kids. It comes with instructions on how to use the piggy bank and the boxes and base are held together with really strong magnets. The artwork on the entire gift set is so well done and eye catching. It looks really good on their desks. Very glad I got these for my kids - it is worth every penny.

a little progress each day adds up


Julius FAQ

What are the piggy bank boxes made of?

Boxes are made of premium sturdy cardboard with matte paper covering for extra support. The boxes are easy to hand-assemble and the wrap-around instruction band holds the boxes snugly together with hidden magnetic closures.

How much money can each box hold?

Each box can hold a large amount of coins and dollars. Your child can simply insert their money in the slit at the top of each box. If they want to get the money out or track their balance, they can fully open the box on its side (held together by magnetic closures).

What’s included in the book?

The book includes a fun jungle adventure about JULIUS the clever monkey who receives gold coins as a gift. Your child can follow along as JULIUS learns the importance of good money habits and how he can best manage the money he’s been given. With colorful illustrations and examples that are easy to understand, your own clever monkey will have fun learning basic money management skills.

What are the dimensions of the individual boxes?

Individuals boxes are 7 x 4 x 2.5 inches.

What is included in the piggy bank instructions?

The piggy bank instructions (titled “Kid’s Guide for how to be a Clever Monkey”) are beautifully illustrated and easy-to-understand. These instructions go step-by-step to show how your child can spend, save, and share their money, as well as track their balances. The instructions even provide examples of wise money choices for each category.

What age group is the gift set appropriate for?

This gift set is perfect for clever monkeys ages 4 and up. It’s an excellent way to set your little one up for financial success - and have fun while doing it!